Thursday, November 16, 2006

Key Radon Messages for the Press and Public:

Second Leading Cause of Lung Cancer
* After smoking
* Class “A” carcinogen based on human data
* Surgeon general: former and current smokers at especially high risk
* Number one cause of lung cancer for non-smokers
* Only way to treat lung cancer is to prevent it

Radon Health Risks are Preventable
* One of the most serious environmental health risks in the nation
* 1 in 15 homes may have high levels

High Risks to Smokers and Former Smokers
* Risks may be 10 times greater
* Non-smokers still at risk

Individual Action is Key
* It’s within your control to protect your family
* Test now – call 1-800-SOS-Radon

Easy to Test
* Test your home for radon
* Only way to know is to test
* Do-it-yourself kits cost below $25
* Most homes won’t have a problem
* Use a state certified testing lab

Homes with Problems Can Be Fixed
* Straight-forward Solutions
* Cost Similar to Other Home Repairs
* How Homes can be Built Radon-Resistant

What to Do If Your Home Has a Radon Problem
* Don’t panic; virtually all homes can be fixed
* Call 1-800-644-6999
* Use a state certified radon contractor to fix your home

Buying a Home
* Make sure your home has been tested for radon
* Ask your builder if radon-resistant features were built into your new home

Selling a Home
* Test your home prior to selling
* A radon problem does not have to complicate a home sale
* Radon problems do not decrease the value of a home