Thursday, November 16, 2006

Liability Insurance Coverage is Available Through AARST

InterContinental Insurance Brokers and American Safety Insurance Services have a Radon Insurance Program for AARST members. The program provides specialized coverage for radon professionals who meet the high standards of excellence established by AARST. AARST members who are either NEHA-NRPP certified or State Licensed are eligible for this package which includes coverage that for the first time protects mitigators from certain forms of roofing liability. Also packages may be purchase at extended terms to lock in rates for longer than one year. Contact Albert P. Everts, II, ARM - InterContinental Insurance Brokers, LLC, 175 Federal Street, Suite 725, Boston, MA 02110-2202; Phone: 617.443.1992 (Main Switchboard); 617.757.4013 (Direct Dial); Fax: 617.423.7853; E-mail: